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Events Detail

International Conference in two panels: "Woman and Migration" and "Diaspora Investment in Georgia".

December 18 is widely celebrated around the world as an International Migrants Day, especially by NGOs and Government Institutions working on diaspora/migration issues. Georgian “Diaspora House” in the United States, International Association “Ertoba” and Georgian immigrants working in the United States are determined to hold a wide range of workshops, a scientific conference in two panels on "Women and Migration" and “Diaspora Investment in Georgia” and other cultural events on December 18 - 22, 2019, with participation of hundreds of Georgian immigrants, scientific and business communities, Diplomatic Corps and International Organizations.

The workshops and conferences will discuss the challenges facing the Georgian Diaspora in general, including the Georgian Diaspora in the United States, pressing issues of diaspora policy-making, and joint US-Georgian scientific, cultural, and economic cooperation projects.

Diaspora organizations from the United States, Georgia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, Greece and Sweden will participate in the Week of International Migrants Day held in the United States by the “Diaspora House” and the International Association "Ertoba".

Official persons from Parliament and Government of Georgia are invited to attend the events.

The schedule of the Week of the International Migrants Day:

December 17th – Reception December 18th – Conference in two panels “Woman and the Migration” and “Diaspora Investment in Georgia”, New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams st. Brooklyn, NY 11201. 12:00 pm.

December 19th – Visiting Georgian Sunday Schools: “Saunje”: 2301 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn NY. 11229 (Tel.: 347-772-0509), “TK Art School”: 9811 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY 11374 (Tel.: 646-250-6055) and Association “Tvistomi”: 3057 Brighton 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235 (Tel.: 888-232-8855).

December 20th – Presentation of books “The Garnet Footprints of Sky-blue Tears” and “Ananke” by Tea Kandelaki and Exhibition of Arts by Lali Ruadze, followed by concert, at Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Virgin Protection, 5:00 pm.

December 21st – Meeting with Diaspora members in Philadelphia, PA, 150 James Way, Southampton, PA 18966

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