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Welcome To International Association "ERTOBA" Foundation


“Ertoba” is an International Association established in New York city on the February 14th of 2006. The charter was approved at the meeting of the association members in France (2 rue Pasteur, 54580 Moineville) on 08.20.2005.

International Association “ERTOBA” is dedicated to support and protect Georgian ethnos, rights and dignities of Georgian citizens worldwide. Association supports establishment and development of democratic principles and values, protection of human rights in Georgia and worldwide; Helping disabled people and homeless children in Georgia; Providing support to Georgian immigrants for cultural and social adaptation in the United States.

In 2007 Association “Ertoba” established Georgian-Jewish Cultural Center TK Art School established by the Association “Ertoba”. Georgian-Jewry is one of the oldest surviving Jewish communities in the world. The Georgian Jews have an approximately 2,600-year history in the region. In the School children learn Georgian Language and Writing, Literature, History, Music, Georgian and World Folk dances. Online lectures are held every month by the professors of Georgian Academy of Sciences. Georgian dances, which play a major role in our school (Georgia - desired Country of legendary Argonauts), are a celebration of life and Georgia’s rich and diverse culture. Each dance portrays the characteristics of the region in which it originated. The costumes are different for every dance and resemble the clothing of the past in different regions of Georgia. The dances perfectly capture the natural gracefulness and beauty of Georgian women and the courage, honor and respectfulness of Georgian men. The male dancers perform spectacular leaps and turns, incredible spins and can also boast a highly original technique for, unlike any other dancers in the world, they dance on their toes without the aid of “block” shoes. The female dancers “glide” like swans. We are building a Musicals and Puppets Theater introduction based on Georgian Dance and Georgian folk fables. The Association has held numerous cultural and charity events in New York. In collaboration with Jumber Lezhava International Academy of Sciences Georgia we publish quarterly magazine “Atinati” and multidisciplinary Anthology volumes and hold cultural events. The vice president and representative of the Academy in the United States is Tea Kandelaki, the President of “Ertoba”.

Charter International Association ''ERTOBA''

# 1 Name and Location International Association ''ERTOBA''.
The Location of the Association: 2864 West 31 St., Brooklyn NY 11224

# 2 ''ERTOBA'' is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization which represents the voluntary unification of Georgian immigrants and citizens throughout the world. The association is set up on the principles of democracy and the protection of human rights. ''ERTOBA'' is a legal organization that functions on the basis of the generally recognized international norms.

# 3 The Association Goals:

1. The support and protection of Georgian ethnos, rights and dignities of Georgian citizens worldwide.
2. The establishment and development of democratic principles and valuables.

# 4 Forms of the Association Activities:

1. Establishment of Georgian cultural centers abroad and their promotion (Arrangement of exhibitions, opening of school-studios, holding press conferences);
2. Publishing activities (Establishment of periodicals, publication of scientific and cognitive literature);
3. The cooperation with international democratic and none governmental organizations;
4. The support for making business contacts between Georgian and foreign businessmen;
5. The collection of funds for the Association goals and humanitarian activities;
6. Protection of Human Rights;
7. Development of People's diplomacy;
8. Working on the problems of migration, demography and ecology.

# 5 The Association membership:
1. Any organization can become the member of the association;
2. The association branches in Georgia and other countries;
3. The member of the association can become an individual who is 18 and over;
4. The Council meeting is eligible to make a decision about the membership of the association or the agreement of the majority of the council members. .
5. The Rights of the Association Members:
a) To elect the council members;
b) To be elected as a council member;
c) To present proposals and directions;
d) To discuss and assert the declarations, activities made by the association;
e) To participate in the actions and activities held by the association.
6. The obligations of the Association Members:
a) To protect this charter;
b) To take an active part in the activities of the Association.
7. The cancellation of the Association Membership occurs:
a) On the basis of self-declaration;
b) On the decision of the majority of the council members;
c) In case of non participation in the activities of the association;
d) In case of the death of the association member.

# 6 Organizational structure:
1. The main ruling organ of the Association is the meeting of the Association members, which is held no less than once per year:
a) The assertion of the changes in the charter of the Association;
b) To elect the association president for a year period;
c) To elect the association Council for a year period;
d) To elect the inspector for the period of 2 years;
e) To prove the annual plan of the Association activity and the report on the work done during the previous year;
f) To assert the report presented by the inspector;
g) To assert the concepts of the association activities;
h) To assert the association budget;
I) To admit or exclude from the Association, or completion of the membership and the cancellation of the Association.
2. The convocation of the association meeting is decided by the Council including eight people, at least once a year or on the basis of the written declaration of the one third of the Association members
3. The decision of the meeting is legitimate if more than half of the members gave their consent.
4. The meeting of the Association is considered to be held if more than a half of the association members participated (the association members can attend or become members over the internet).
5. The secretary in chief of the Association is elected at the Association meeting.
6. The Council members are elected at the Association meeting.
7. The Council meeting is considered legitimate if the half of the Council members attend it. The Council makes decision according to the majority of the votes. In case of the correlation of votes at the meeting, the president has casting vote.
8. The inspector is elected at the Association meeting. He controls the financial activity of the Association and presents the inspection report at least once a year. The inspector has right to attend the Council meeting as a guest without the right to vote. He is ineligible to be the Council member at the same time .
9. Presidents act on behalf of the Association.

# 7 The Association Budget:
1. The sources of the Association income are: membership fees, donations, grants and other non- commercial incomes.
2. The association expenses are aimed to carry out the goals of the Association according to the charter (as mentioned in paragraphs number 3 and 4).
3. The budget is prepared by the Association Council and is asserted by the meeting. The expenses are drawn by the Council and controlled by the inspector.

# 8 The Regulation of the Property in case of the cessation of the Association Activity.

In case of the cessation of the Association activity the meeting elects liquidator. After the liquidation of the Association property it is descended to other organizations, which deal non- commercial activities.

# 9 Final Resolution

This charter was created at the meeting of the association members in France (2 rue Pasteur, 54580 Moineville) on 08.20.2005.









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